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Stay connected while you visit the United States and Canada. Whether you are there on business or pleasure. 

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Staying connected while you take week to rejuvenate, relax, and lose yourself in the remarkable, natural beauty of Mexico. 

Welcome to Mi Traveler Data, where your all of your wifi needs are taken care of to keep you connected while you travel to Mexico, the United States and Canada. We provide unlimited data with no caps on speed, up to 10 lines connected so you can share with your entire family. Easy to order and easy to send back at the end of your trip. Comes with its on protective case as well. 

Don't let your self get unconnected when you stop out of the resort you that you are staying in, get your own connection today with a Mi Traveler Data. 

Perfect to conduct business while away on vacation. Great for sharing your adventures as they happen on social media. 

MiTravelData Services

There’s nothing more frustrating than going out on your travels only to discover the Wi-Fi that your hotel promised doesn’t actually work in your room.

It seems as though pretty much every hotel company boasts that they have internet services throughout their establishments, but when push comes to shove, you can barely send a message via WhatsApp, let alone check and send emails. The service rarely extends beyond the lobby, and it certainly cannot be carried to the beach or on your explorations.

When Canadians head out on their travels, it is important to keep in contact with everyone from home, while being able to access all of your favorite websites. Whether you’re heading to Cabo San Lucas for a fun weekend, or your business is taking you to New York.

It doesn’t matter why you’re travelling or where, as long as you’re heading to Mexico, or the United States, MiTravelData uses the Novatel compact portable wireless MiFi hotspot that allows up to 10 devices to connect.

What’s the difference between MiFi and Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi isn’t a portable hotspot option, but MiFi hotspots can take advantage of Wi-Fi where available. Wi-Fi is just a pure wireless connection to enabled devices, which is great if you can get it.

While there are phones that have the capability of acting as hotspots, they lack the management capabilities that our dedicated MiFi devices have. When your phone acts as a hotspot, the phone owner must activate it to share, and during the time it serves as the hotspot the phone cannot behave as normal, such as taking calls, etc. Additionally, our MiFi can control your data consumption on the devices that are connected to it.

MiFi works by connecting you to the internet via 3G, up to 21Mbps, or 4G, at 80Mbps or more). The MiFi device can connect to any device that has Wi-Fi capabilities, from your phone, laptop, tablet, or even your games consoles. The primary purpose of these hotspots is to provide an internet connection to multiple users at a single time. This is the ideal proposition for people going traveling, or those who work remotely. Coverage extends around 10 metres from the MiFi unit, but as it is portable you can take it just about anywhere.

The only sensible decision for travelers to make is to rent our MiFi services in order to maintain constant access to the internet no matter where they travel. A MiFi from MiTravelData is your only guarantee to an instant internet connection when you plan your travels to through the United States, Mexico. You’ll only ever be a quick connection away.